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Domestic Family Law
Divorce and Legal Separation
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Support
Alimony and Spousal Support

Protective Order Hearings
Drafting QDROs
Contempt Hearings
Divorce Appeals - Court Special Appeals

Elder Law - Medical Assistance Matters
Deed Drafting
Medical Assistance
Power of Attorney - Property
Advance Directives/Medical Power of Attorney

Personal Injury
Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents
Wrongful Death Litigation 
Workers Compensation

Estate Probate Litigation
Estate - Probate Litigation Orphans' Court
Wills, Power of Attorney, Advance Directives
Deed Drafting

Complex Civil Litigation
General Civil Litigation
Boundary Dispute Litigation
Breach of Contract Disputes
Business Partnership Dispute Representation
Dispute Mediation
Debt Collection Defense
Administrative Hearings
All Administrative Hearings (OAH)
Security Clearance Appeal Hearings

Commercial Lease/Business Sale Agreements
Commercial Lease Review and Negotiations
Commercial Business Sale and Purchase Agreements

LLC's and Corporation Formation 
Articles of Organization
Operating Agreements
Articles of Incorporation
Partnership Agreements
Buy-Sell Agreements

Software Licensing and Service Agreements
Network Security Service Agreements 
Incident Response Agreements
Trademark Applications
Copyright Applications

Business and Personal Contracts
Business Contracts
Real Estate Contracts
Breach of Contract Matters
Real Estate Matters

Non Profit 501 ( C ) (3) Organizations
Scholarship Funds
National Police Membership Organizations
Fraternities and Sororities

Religious Ministries
Educational Training Companies

High School/College Suspension Hearings
School Suspension Hearing Representation
Student Code of Conduct Violation Representation

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DUI Charges / Traffic

DUI Defense - For Secret Clearance Professionals

  • Client Consultations
  • Alcohol Treatment Recommendation
  • Case Evaluation /Investigation
  • Character Review
  • Strategic Preparation/Research
  • Case Negotiations
  • Client Preparation
  • Develop Effective Trial Strategies
  • Court Representation
  • Post Trial Assistance

Traffic Offenses
All Moving Traffic Violations
Hit and Run
Driving on Suspended License
Unlicensed Driver
Driving in Violation of Restriction
Violation of Probation - DUI
Accident Citations
MVA Hearings

Juvenile Delinquency Matters 
Alcohol Citation Violations
Juvenile Representation in District/Circuit Court

Juvenile Waiver/Transfer of Jurisdiction Cases
All Juvenile Criminal Offenses

Criminal Offenses
All Serious Felonies - including Murder
All Misdemeanor Offenses
Violation of Probation Hearings
Theft Offenses
Assault Offenses
Battery Offenses
Public Intoxication
Identity Theft

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