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Patrick J. O'Guinn, Sr., Esq. is a  Premier Maryland DUI Attorney with several years of DUI law enforcement expertise "in the street" and over 26yrs. experience handling complex DUI trials in Maryland Courts.

We routinely  represent  individuals and professionals with top secret security clearances who have been charged with DUI alcohol offenses in Maryland. 

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Sherae McNeal,Esq. is a Premier Probate Lawyer and highly respected former Chief Orphans' Court Judge for Howard County, Maryland who retired in 2014 after 16 years of leadership on the Orphans' Court.  

You'll experienced lawyers to represent your interests in Orphan's Court probate.

Patrick J. O'Guinn, Sr., Esq. can handle all your Estate Planning and Medical Assistance needs.

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Divorce Attorney

Sherae M. McNeal, Esq.
is a Premier Maryland Divorce Attorney with over
22yrs handling complex family law, divorce, child custody and child support cases in Maryland courts.

Our trial lawyers have over 44 years of combined Family Law experience to help you from the start of your Family Law case to the finish.

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Divorce Attorney

 Patrick J. O'Guinn, Sr., Esq. is a Nationally Sought After  Keynote Speaker who routinely trains, inspires and motivates individuals, groups and businesses to reach their  greatest potential using passion and experiential insight.

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